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Paolo Ogliari

Born in 1978 in a little town close to Milan, he was always amazed and in love with moving pictures, sounds and music. At 14, he was playing drum in a “garage band” and his passion flooded on other instruments such guitar, bass and piano. In 2001, Paolo starts to work as music composer and sound designer for advertise on television, radio, web, mobile, events, collecting a wide range of experience that brought him to work with major international brands. In 2005 joins Ubisoft’s Milan studios, to work on the AAA title “Splinter Cell – Double Agent”. In 2007 he moves to London, getting together with the band Caned&Able, co-producing some remixes for EMI and their first album “Smoke”, released in 2008. In London also, he started to follow some old passions: video production, photography and After Effects. Moved back in Italy he worked again on many Ubisoft’s titles, became Game Audio Lecturer at IED Milan. He’s now Audio Director at Milestone and yes… he’s carrying on to shoot videos.


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